The Working Flow

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myPennMedicine is one of the most simple and safe approaches to treating your Penn Medicine care online. You can send non-critical messages to your expert group and get a response within two business days.

Get Regular Advice From HealthCare Team: Do you have any questions for your doctor? You can send non-urgent messages to your healthcare team and get a response within two business days. The myPennMedicine Login portal can also be effectively used to request referrals, read notes after the doctor visit, and request the prescriptions.

Appointment Scheduling: Do you need to take an appointment from a doctor or laboratory? We make it easy for you to find and program the right option for you. You can easily schedule your appointment as per your location and your preferred date after registering on the official portal. Thus, the myPennMedicine has made it easy for the patients to schedule their appointments.

Access and Share your Medical Information: With the help of the myPennMedicine portal, you can easily and securely share your Penn Medicine health details with other providers. You can also link your accounts to other health organizations you see for medical care, so you can check more details about your health in one place.

Quick Test Results: With myPennMedicine Login, you can access test results online, if available. Thus, after registering on the official myPennMedicine portal, you can easily check the test results within a few days just by testing on your couch. Thus, the portal has eliminated the need for visiting the clinic and the doctor again and again.

Bill Payments Made Easy: You can pay your bill securely online at or with the myPennMedicine application. It hardly takes a few minutes from the patients to clear their medical bills on the official myPennMedicine portal.