Why Membership?

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If you wish to sign up for a myPennMedicine member, you must submit your username and password and access all the advantages offered by the portal. You can also access all of this as a new member. It is necessary that you submit a request to activate your account by entering your myPennMedicine activation code. In case, you have forgotten your password or wish to change your username, you can do the same by following a set of very simple steps.

Access your test results faster than ever. This means that you no longer have to wait for a call or letter for your tests in the mail. You can quickly and easily check your doctor’s results and observations in a few days instead of weeks.

The myPennMedicine also allows registered patients to contact the healthcare team directly. Answer all medical questions from the comfort of your home just by sitting on your couch.

The myPennMedicine helps the details regarding your medical tests easily. You can also reach out to some health experts easily in case you need any sort of advice about your health.

Manage appointments: New appointments can be requested or you can check the details of all past and future appointments.

Use the official service conveniently from home or from the office or download the applications available in the App Store and Google Play Store. These apps offer all the features that a portal provides. You can access the mobile application easily from smart devices, like a tablet or phone.

When you sign up for an account for the first time, you must provide specific information that are inquired in your myPennMedicine registration form. You must fill up the activation form on time, otherwise, it will be rejected.

The myPennMedicine members can schedule their appointments easily and without any sort of hassle.