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At myPennMedicine, we want you to work for your own health. Our blogs, events, newsletters, and social media offer health tips, details regarding the latest studies results and medical advances, as well as advice from our very efficient doctors and physicians. We hope these resources help you learn a healthier and high quality of lifestyle.

Blogs: Penn Medicine blogs contribute details on a wide range of health topics, from the latest Penn Medicine programs and services to details of upcoming events in your location.


  • Events calendar: The event calendar includes health-related events, seminars, patient data sessions, clinical training sessions, conferences, and other events for fitness experts.

Selected stories: Listen to Penn Medicine patients and staff tell their inspiring stories.

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  • Health risk assessment tools
  • Take our online health risk assessments to identify possible risk factors.

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With myPennMedicine, you can share your Penn Medicine wellness information efficiently and securely with multiple providers. You can also link your records to other health organizations you see for your care, so you can check and observe more wellness information at just once place.

The myPennMedicine Login is an incredible effort to keep the patients updated about the latest updates and their medical records. This application can be easily downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. The myPennMedicine allows the users to make sure that the patients need not visit the clinics or doctors again and again.